The new VoltPlug Mini - small but yet powerful

2021-07-22 15:48:00 /
The new VoltPlug Mini - small but yet powerful -

Small but mighty: 50% smaller than conventional chargers, the VoltPlug Mini is currently our smallest charger. The USB-C port allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet extra fast with a whopping 20W.

  • Faster Charging: The powerful 20W USB-C port supports all popular fast charging protocols, such as Power Delivery, Quick Charge or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge. The VoltPlug Mini detects your device and precisely adjusts the charging energy for the fastest possible charge.
  • Intelligent: As soon as your device is fully charged, the charging process is terminated. This increases battery life and reduces energy consumption.
  • Small: With a size of approx. 3x3cm, the dwarf is smaller than a golf ball. Thus, it fits in any pocket and also does not block several slots on the power strip. A weight of just 36g makes it a real lightweight and perfect for home, office or vacation.
  • Safe: Certified fuses offer protection against overcharging, overvoltage and short circuits.

Here you can find all details and buy the VoltPlug Mini 20W