Solar Power Bank Rugged TitanPack Eco 20,000mAh black

Rugged waterresistant outdoor power bank with wireless charging pad and powerful solar panel. Charge your mobile devices with green, eco-friendly solar energy.

  • Independent: Solar panel for environmentally friendly and mains-independent charging of the powerbank. In addition to the integrated solar panel with 1.3W, this powerbank comes with an external 6W solar panel. This enables a high degree of self-sufficiency, as the powerbank can be charged using only the power of the sun.
  • Wireless charging: With this powerbank, you no longer need to carry cables around to charge your smartphone. Simply place a compatible device on it and the charging process starts.
  • All-rounder: Whether classic via USB-A, USB-C or even wireless, with this powerbank you can charge your mobile devices quickly and reliably.